The Sumac Players Tour
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MGA 2016/2017
From left to right: Bill Shoemaker, David Poczynek, Ben Harris, and Doug Crain
Halloween Extravaganza
October 29th 1pm Shotgun

Slice out Hunger
November 19th 10am Shotgun

Angels on the Greens
December 17th 10am Shotgun - Canceled

Winter 2-Step
January 21st 10am Shotgun
Cabin Fever
February 18th 10am Shotgun
Sweet Lou Classic
March 18th 11am Tee Times
Sumac's Revenge
The Loco
April 22nd 1:00 Shotgun
May 20th 1:00 Tee Times
Spring 6's
September 16th 1:00 Shotgun
October 8th - SUNDAY 1:00 Shotgun
The Finale