The Sumac Players Tour
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Sumac Players Tour
From left to right: Bill Shoemaker, David Poczynek, Ben Harris, and Doug Crain
January 20th 10am Shotgun

The Cooler
February 17th 10am Shotgun

The Lou
March 24th
11am Tee Times

Tees Here Tees There
April 28th 1:00SG 

Assistant's Choice
May 26th 1:00 Tee Time or  Shotgun
Club Championship
July 21st & 22nd 8am Shotgun both days
Sumac's Revenge
October 27th 10:00am Tee Times
August 26th 2:00Shotgun 
The Sumac Players Tour Championship
September 22nd 10:00am Tee Times
The Finale