The Sumac Players Tour
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            Forest Ridge Golf Club has managed the Men’s Golf Association for the past 3 years. We saw an initial increase in participation but have been stagnate in the past 18 months or so. In an effort to increase participation and freshen up the persona of the MGA we are thinking of rebranding towards a more open and exciting inclusive program. 
          January 2018 we will introduce The Sumac Players Tour. This Tour would replace the MGA as you know it. The Sumac Tour will be set up similar to the PGA Tour and the Fed Ex Cup. We will have eight events within each year with points given in a similar fashion as our current MGA. There will be two divisions within the Tour, Open and Senior. The Open division will be ages 59 and under and will play from the Blue tees. The Senior division will be ages 60 and over and will play from the White tees. 
          The top 15 in points from each division qualify to play in The Sumac Championship. Once the top five is figured we will reset the points so anyone in the top 5 in each division (in points) would automatically win the cup. All 15 participants from each division will be paid out in the Sumac Championship. The purse for The Sumac Championship will be funded by the participants of the season events. A $5 fee per player per tournament will be added on to the normal Tournament/Green Fee price to fund the Championship. Another great thing about this Sumac Tour is there will no longer be an annual fee to join. The Sumac Players Tour will be open to anyone with a Club Card, Resident, Annual, and Monthly membership and a current handicap will be eligible to participate. 

Calendar of Events

New format for events coming in 2018!!